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The simplest way to produce
Cold Brew in 4 easy steps.

Crush Beans
Fill Cold Brew Bottle
Drink & Enjoy!!

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What is “MIZUDASHI“?

MIZUDASHI is a cold-brew method, in which cold water is used from the beginning instead of hot water. As the brewing slowly takes place over time, the flavour intrinsic to coffee beans comes out. Mild flavor with little bitterness.

Oxidization by high temperature is prevented. Tannin, which causes bitterness and astringency, is contained. Therefore, a milder flavour is produced. Enjoy coffee with a smooth and sweet flavour intrinsic to the beans.
It is also gentle on your palate.

You can now prepare delicious cold brew coffee, easily!
Make iced coffee with just coffee and water. Measure out the coffee beans using the supplied filter, place the beans in a large bowl and crush them. Pour crushed beans into the filter, place filter inside the coffee pot and fill with filtered water by pouring over/through the crushed coffee. Fill to the top of the pot but leaving some space so that it doesnt pour out when you move it. Gently stir/mix the coffee and then refrigerate for approximately 8 to 24 hours before serving.

COLOR Chocolate Brown
SIZE W87 × D84 × H300mm
CAPACITY 5 cups / Brewed volume 650ml
Glass bottle : Heatproof glass
Filter : Polyester resin
Strainer : Polypropylene
Removable bottle spout, Stopper : Silicone rubber
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 31 × 9 × 9 cm


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